Leagues – climbing the ladder

This is a very popular internal singles league, which is open to all full members (both adults and juniors.) For advice, guidance and points of clarification you need to contact the Ladder organiser. The Ladder has a time rotation of between 4-6 weeks and can be found on the notice board near the main entrance to the Clubhouse.

Members wanting to take part in the Ladder just need to add their name in the space provided at the bottom of the Ladder and they will be entered in the next round. Rules can be found on the Clubhouse notice board and here.

Recently we have introduced a Midweek Singles Ladder, and a Mixed Doubles Ladder. For more information, please see the notice board near the main entrance to the Clubhouse.

Tennis Ladder Rules

  • If you fail to turn up or are more than 15 minutes late a score of 6-0 may be entered against you.
  • Match cancellation or postponement needs to be agreed by both players, otherwise a score of 6-0 may be entered against the player who is unable to play.
  • You are allowed to refuse playing on icy or slippery courts without forfeiting the set but you need to turn up for the match or agree with your opponent to postpone the match.
  • If you play fewer than two games you will be removed from the league.
  • If you do not play your games, you cannot enter for the next league period. Players can request to stay in the leagues if there is a good reason they cannot play; however, their score will be calculated as 0 and they will be demoted.
  • The league will be extended only in exceptional circumstances e.g. Christmas/New Year holiday periods.
  • If you consistently fail to play your matches or do not return phone calls, you will not be re-entered.
  • If you think you are in a league that is too low for your ability, win it – and then complain!
  • Games must be one complete set – three set matches are not permitted.
  • At the end of each league period, the total scores for each player are aggregated and new positions calculated.
  • Players leaving the league or who have not played are then removed.
  • Players entering the league will enter in the entry league at the bottom.
  • Players who win a league cannot always be guaranteed promotion, but their relative position with respect to their previous month’s opponents will have changed appropriately.
  • In the event of a draw between two players: Promotion will go to the winner of the two; If they have not played, promotion will go to the player with the most wins, or if equal, the least number of games conceded.


Matches are of one set only – the first to 8 games wins with a tie-break at 7 all. The league scores are calculated as follows:

Match score League points
8 – 0 10 – 1
8 – 1 10 – 2
8 – 2 10 – 3
8 – 3 10 – 4
8 – 4 10 – 5
8 – 5 10 – 6
8 – 6 10 – 7
8 – 7 i.e. tie break 10 – 8