Junior Tennis Priority Re-booking

Spring Term – January 4th -27th March.

*Note – There will be no session on Friday 25th March or Sunday 27th March – prices will reflect this.

What to book?

Child aged 3-8 yrs = “Mini Hitters”

Child Aged 8-9 yrs = “Orange”

Child Aged 10+ yrs = “10+”

If your child falls into the “Mini Hitters” age range (3-8 yrs) please book for Mini Hitters on your current Day & Time. We will then sort the groups within those sessions that would be the most beneficial to them.

Discount Codes

Multi10 – when booking 1 child for multiple sessions (development only)

FamilyT10 – When booking 2 children

Family T20 – When booking 3 or more children

MemberT10 – Members discount

*Update: Mini Hitters: Mon – Fri 4-5pm will be held Inside the Balloon*


The Programme:

The programme is designed around the 4 main areas of development needed to learn key skill sets to play and enjoy the game of tennis. The 4 areas of development are : Athleticism, Co-Ordination, Tactical & Technical and Attitude.

Development Area Features          
Athleticism Balance, Agility, Speed, Strength, Footwork
Coordination Catch & Throw, Ball Skills, Receiving Skills
Tactical & Technical Swing Shapes, Stroke Development, Game Play
Attitude Confidence, Sportsmanship, Determination, Respect


The programme has been divided into 5 stages of learning to help parents track their child’s progress throughout the program. Through sitting down as a coaching team, end of term reports and assessments at the start of the new term, we aim to group similar standard players together to maximise their progression. Once a player reaches the required level for a stage they will receive a certificate of recognition and progress to the next level.

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