• New cts from tennis side3 grass courts for summer use.
  • 3 artificial grass courts – one of which can be booked at certain times.
  • 8 hard courts – 7 of which have flood lights and can be booked at certain times.
  • 2 of the hard courts are covered by a balloon during winter from October till April and can be booked throughout the day until 10:00pm.
  • There is also a practice wall and a children’s size court for junior practice.

For more information about tennis at Coolhurst, please contact our Clubhouse Manager

Booking Courts

Some of the tennis courts at the club can be pre-booked. Courts can be booked on-line in the members’ secure area of the this website or by using the touch screen in reception area of the Clubhouse. Details on using the system and crediting your account are explained under Court booking, and by the touch screen. If you have any problems or queries, you can email or help.

Membership Cards

You will be issued with a membership card that you can either keep with you or you can leave at the club in the box on the corner of the bar. Membership cards are used to reserve free courts for walk-on play.

Walk-on Play

Courts are usually available for play at the following times:

  • Grass courts – from 11:00am depending on weather conditions
  • Artificial grass – from 8:00am until 10:00pm
  • Hard courts – from 7:30am until 10:00pm

All members may use the courts. They are reserved by placing membership cards on the booking board in the clubhouse, putting your card in the slot for the court you are using, along with the time of going on court. This applies except during club period, if the court is clearly allocated for coaching or if there is a team match taking place.

All members should display their cards before play, as this serves both as a club security precaution and a way of ensuring fair use of the courts. If cards are not displayed then other members are entitled to claim the court. When there is pressure on courts, players are allowed 45 minutes for singles play and 45 minutes doubles.  If you are playling a tennis ladder match you can display additionally  a ‘ladder’ card (stored at front of member’s cards) to allow an extra 15 minutes of singles play.