Coolhurst currently fields more than twelve competitive squash teams, mainly playing in the Middlesex SRA county league. Standards range from intermediate level all the way through to our division-topping Premier Squash League team, Coolhurst London, which features the World No. 11, Simon Rosner.


Our new expanded court capacity allows both regular club and team play to co-exist, so you can expect to see competitive play being hosted at Coolhurst nearly every week night – and still be able to book a court!

There are lots of opportunities for joining our teams throughout the year. If you would like to play for a team at Coolhurst, please check our team standard list below and then contact our Teams Administrator, Tom Davenhill.


Team Standards List

  • Mens First Team – For county-level players and those who come top of League 1
  • Mens Second Team – For players who stay within League 1-3
  • Mens Third Team – For players who play within League 1-5
  • Mens Fourth Team – For players who play within League 2-7
  • Women’s First Team – Female players above League 24
  • Veterans First Team – Over 45s players League 1-6
  • Veterans Second Team – Over 45s players League 4-12
  • Veterans Third Team – Over 45s players League 7-16
  • Vintage First Team – Over 55s players who love team squash
  • Alma Doubles Squad – Players taken from Vets 1 and Mens 1&2
  • Junior Teams – organised by Jim Harrison