The Squash Leagues are a central part of the squash community at Coolhurst. Typically there are around 30 leagues in operation each month, encompassing all standards of play – from beginner to County level.

For all League enquiries, please contact the league administrator Adrian Morris


Entering the Leagues

The Leagues are open to all Full Squash members. To join the next month’s League, enter your name on the sheet above the League tables on the squash noticeboard in the Bar. If you are unsure which level to request, please speak to one of the coaches, or to one of the Club Night organisers.

Juniors wishing to play in the Leagues must obtain prior approval from one of the Club’s coaches.


Promotion and Demotion

In general at the end of the League period the following will apply for each division:

  1. Winner promoted two divisions – or three divisions for maximum 28 points
  2. Second promoted one division
  3. Third remains at same level
  4. Fourth demoted one division
  5. Fifth demoted two divisions



League matches are best of five games, using English (Hand-in / Hand-out) scoring to 9. Should a match be unfinished at the end of the session, the score in games at the end of play determines the allocation of League points as below. Incomplete games do not count unless agreed by both players.

Unfinished matches should not be replayed.

A walkover may be claimed if your opponent

  • does not arrive within 15 minutes of the arranged starting time
  • cancels on the day of the match
  • rejects three reasonable match offers

If a player is more than five minutes late, the player who arrived on time has the option of playing the match as a friendly only, and re-arranging the league match.

League points are allocated as follows:

Completed match League points
3 – 0 7 – 1
3 – 1 6 – 2
3 – 2 5 – 3


Uncompleted match League points
2 – 0 5 – 1
2 – 1 4 – 2
2 – 2 3 – 3
1 – 0 4 – 3
1 – 1 3 – 3
Walkover 4 – 0


League Etiquette

The objective of the League is to promote sporting competition between players of comparable standard. Whilst the objective of the individual players is to win, it should be within the rules and spirit of the game. Double bounces, double hits and dodgy lets are all unacceptable, as are abusive language and intimidating behaviour. It is in the interest and safety of all players to know the Rules of Squash (note that we use 9 game option not 11)  and how they should be interpreted. If you are uncertain of the rules you may ask a third party to referee your match. This should not be regarded by either player as an insult to his or her sense of fair play.

The League can only function successfully if all players make the effort to book courts and contact the other players in his or her division. Please do not enter if you will not be available to play on average one League game a week. The court booking fee should always be shared. Please remember to ‘settle up’ if your opponent booked the court.


Withdrawal or Removal from the League

Any participant who fails to play at least two matches will be omitted from the next League. Exceptions to this rule are when a player is injured after the start of the League, or when there are not enough fit players remaining to make it possible to play two League matches.

If you are injured and withdraw from the League you will be omitted from the next League unless you indicate that you wish to be included. Anyone who withdraws will be automatically be demoted.

If a player withdraws from the League the scores of completed matches will stand. Matches not played will be scored 4-0 to the respective opponents.

If you do not wish to participate in the next League please enter your name on the appropriate sheet