Review of 2016 AGM

Dear Member,
You may remember that the Club Chair, Dave Smart, asked us to carry out a review into the way last month’s AGM was managed and to make recommendations as to how we can do better in the future.
We have now concluded our review, and a summary document is attached, along with a spreadsheet which shows the registration details and the votes for each election as well as for the resolution.
We very much hope that our review will go a long way towards satisfying the desire of members to understand why the AGM seemed less than perfectly organised. Hopefully it also offers reassurance that despite the administrative issues the outcome of the elections should not be in question.
Best wishes.

MARTIN BOSTOCK and CHARLIE LOGAN (General Management Committee members, tennis and squash respectively)


AGM Review Findings (.pdf 160kb)

Re-count April 4th 2016 (.pdf 72kb)