POP UP KITCHEN @ COOLHURST : 23rd – 27th October

We seek out professionals in a lot of our life: tennis coaches, doctors and lawyers come to mind. Yet for nutritional advice we rely on information from friends and advertisements on the tube. For a week why not let a Nutritionist Nathalie Paris and a Natural Chef feed your child and your family at Coolhurst’s pop up Kitchen.

Please find attached a menu and form to pre-order food for half term lunches and for evening take home meals. We offer two different size meals for camp – small and regular. There will also be a selection of broth, sauces and meals to take home for the evening. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific dietary enquiries. Pre ordering will greatly help us meal plan and avoid both wastage and disappointment

We have kept the menu simple and hope that the food will look familiar to the children. Rest assured though that they are packed with a lot of nutrients through a combination of broth, vegetables and herbs. For those interested do reach out and we will reveal some of our secrets!



Click here for menu


We would love if you could pre order – please complete this form and return to us