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Member-get-Member Offer

Club members can now take advantage of the member-get-member offer. Members who introduce a new full time member get a small reward equivalent to £50.

Anyone introducing three new members gets a free annual subscription.

Coolhurst Junior Tennis: May Half Term Camps!

May Half Term Camps 2017

29th May – 2nd June

Junior Tennis Camps for ages 3-16.
We would love to see all of you either at camps and/or with us for the new term!

We will still be running a fully comprehensive programme for all ages and look forward to basking in the sunshine while enjoying some tennis!

Click Here for Bookings

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and Squash Racquets Club

Notice of Annual General Meeting

To take place on Monday 13th March at 7.30 pm

on Squash Court 1


Nominations have been received from 38 members for the available posts.  The list of the nominations can be found here.

There are several members’ resolutions and they can be found here .

The commentary on the Articles of Association has been expanded.  Please have a look.

The agenda is fairly straightforward and will be available on the evening.  In principle it will be;

  1. Reports from Chair and other officers
  2. Election of new GMC
  3. Resolutions – discussions and voting



We will be running camps for 3 weeks starting on the 3rd April- 21st April 2017

Review of 2016 AGM

Dear Member,
You may remember that the Club Chair, Dave Smart, asked us to carry out a review into the way last month’s AGM was managed and to make recommendations as to how we can do better in the future.
We have now concluded our review, and a summary document is attached, along with a spreadsheet which shows the registration details and the votes for each election as well as for the resolution.
We very much hope that our review will go a long way towards satisfying the desire of members to understand why the AGM seemed less than perfectly organised. Hopefully it also offers reassurance that despite the administrative issues the outcome of the elections should not be in question.
Best wishes.

MARTIN BOSTOCK and CHARLIE LOGAN (General Management Committee members, tennis and squash respectively)


AGM Review Findings (.pdf 160kb)

Re-count April 4th 2016 (.pdf 72kb)

Grass Court Survey Results

Coolhurst Tennis Survey 2016 – Google Forms (1)

The objective of the survey was to understand how the members feel about the grass courts and what perceived value they bring to the club. The results of the survey would inform the tennis committee to make a decision concerning the grass courts and their future. 

The survey was answered by 198 members which gives us a good response rate to utilise the survey results as representative for the tennis membership. Looking at key variables such as gender, length of membership, day playing, frequency and age we see a distribution to the levels of what we would expect given the membership.

Hence we don’t see any challenges to the results in terms of being biased. 

The results reveal the following: 

  1. 18.5% of the responders indicated they play the grass courts at a high frequency
  2. 40% indicated that they consider grass to be a surface they like playing on
  3. 63% indicated that the quality of the courts is poor
  4. 15% consider the courts to be important to Coolhurst
  5. 70% believe replacing the courts will improve the experience or be beneficial to tennis
  6. 61% would be willing to pay an increase if they are replaced 

What does this mean? 

We see high affinity with the courts where members are indicating if they can they like/love to play on them and think they add value to Coolhurst. Put differently, players have an emotional attachment to the courts. Yet at the same time, the quality of the courts is considered to be very poor. Indicating that while people like to play on them, improvements need to be made. 

This basically means that the status quo is not sustainable. We either keep the courts and improve their quality or we change the surface and hence increase the value to the club. Considering that a majority of responders indicated they would endure an increase in fees, the support is there to make a change. 

After speaking with Ray it does not sound as if the quality can be improved due to grass courts’ dependency on the weather. Which basically means we need to change the surface. 

Emotional resistance is to be expected yet the rational side of the argument appears to be winning.