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Louise Bourne - Therapist



Louise has been practising kinesiology for a few years now, having given up her career in teaching. She finds the holistic method of exploring clients' health through structural, nutritional, emotional and energetical approaches to be extremely effective and rewarding. Kinesiology itself is a relatively new complementary therapy, pioneered in the 1960s. It uses gentle, non-invasive muscle testing to inform us about the client's general health and well-being. When a muscle is spongy or weak and cannot resist gently applied pressure, we begin to explore why this might be. Each muscle is linked to a particular organ or body system by energy channels or meridians. Therefore, the weakness can be a purely muscular issue as a result of overstrain or injury, or it may actually stem from the corresponding organ or system, which could benefit from support.

Louise has found that kinesiology has been particularly effective in treating athletes and sports players with muscular strains and sprains which continue to cause pain and discomfort, despite rest and treatment. It is also invaluable in discovering why a particular injury might have occurred which surprises the client, as they don't think they did anything to warrant it! Louise does not only deal with sporting injuries. Kinesiology can be illuminating within a wide range of conditions: digestive and IBS type symptoms, sleeping problems, fatigue, anxiety, low immunity to infections, food sensitivities - these are just a few of the conditions treated successfully on a regular basis. Treatment takes place once the root of the problem has been discovered, involving a variety of techniques to strengthen not only the muscle, but also the corresponding organ or body system. This can include: deep lymphatic massage, stimulation of the neuro-vascular points, energy balancing, emotional support and identification of supporting nutrition.

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