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Frankie Baxe

Frankie Baxe

Frankie Baxe is a professional Sports Therapist, who qualified in 2003, following a 3 year BSc degree course and clinical practice at the London Metropolitan University.

She has gained extensive experience, working in Europe with a highly reputable clinic, working with various London Metropolitan University Teams, The Salsa Cubana Dance Company, while on tour as their massage therapist and at Georgians Tennis Club.

As a Sports Therapist she deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and returning people to optimal levels of their functional fitness.

The treatment combines specific soft tissue manipulations, stretches, mobilisation of joints, deep tissue massage and electrotherapeutic modalities. In addition to treating the symptoms, her techniques also focus on the causes of each particular injury and how to prevent it from reoccurring, by implementing a structures rehabilitation program. This consists of techniques to improve core stability, muscle strength, proprioception (balance and coordination), flexibility, posture and muscle imbalance.

She specialises in the following conditions:

- Muscle, tendons and ligament strains or tears

- Muscle & Joint stiffness

- Impingement syndrome

- Repetitive strain

- Lower backs and Sciatica

- Nerve compression

- Neck & shoulder pain

- Tennis elbow

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