Tennis Membership

Membership types

  • Members may be Full-Time or Midweek (Mondays to Fridays games to finish by 5pm)
  • There is also an Improver category available if the member is not quite the standard to play in Club Periods but is willing to be coached to reach that standard
  • Adults wishing to use our facilities to be coached only, need to join as a Member being coached
  • Junior membership is available for 18 years old and under


How to Join

  • Full or Midweek– you should come to the club on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon during our club period 2pm to 5pm Summer and 1pm – 4pm Winter and ask for the Club Period organiser, who will arrange a game for you preparatory to signing your application form. If you have any questions prior to coming to the club sarah our clubhouse manager will help -07711066055
  •  Member being coached or Junior Tennis Membership, please contact
  • If you decide to join please return the completed application form with your remittance

Download Tennis Membership Application Form


Further Information

Please contact either